Clothing to meet all categories of electrical arc flash hazard

Arc Flash hazards exist in most electrical installations, and wise electricians protect themselves with protective clothing, gloves and insulated tools.
In order to safely outfit yourself, you need to:


  • Identify the hazard
  • Quantify the hazard
  • Use clothing appropriate to the hazard


The clothing shown on these pages is manufactured with materials which are independently tested to ensure compliance with all standards including CSA Z462, NFPA 70e and ASTM F-1506-2008. Our clothing is of the highest quality,designed to exacting specifications and assembled in the United States by experts using flame resistant thread and FR striping where required. Suits are available in a variety of materials including Westex Ultrasoft and Nomex/Kevlar.


CSA Z462 compliance requires wearing of the entire system (hood, coat and pants) as ONE UNIT and that the user is responsible for determining the level of hazard that they will be facing in any situation.


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